Eye Level is On-Air!

School holiday has just started and parents are stressing over children. We have the solution to keep children constantly learning.

At Eye Level, we believe consistent learning is essential in building the foundation and maintaining student’s learning momentum.

Eye Level On Air, the personalized learning allows student to learn safely at home based on real-time 1-on-1 coaching with our dedicated instructors to encourage and support our students’ continuous study during this period.

WhatsApp us at 8892 2210 or find out more about Eye Level On Air at https://onair.myeyelevel.net/

SUMMIT Of Math – Mathematics Online Learning Platform

SUMMIT is a grades-aligned, online core supplement that identifies and addresses each student’s individual learning gaps. This helps teachers offer differentiated and personalized instruction. It is modeled based on the interactions between teacher and student during 1-on-1 coaching.

√ “Walk Me Through” breaks down each question step by step to further enhance students’ understanding
√ Identifying the cause of each student’s strength and weakness
√ Personalised review curriculum
√ Teachers can view the specific skills and/or concepts each student needs additional help with.
√ Numerous tries in order to further understand the skill and concept

A student tried his first attempt and made a mistake. He can retry a similar question with the same concept as the incorrect attempt will be provided. When the question is answered correctly, he will earn 3 stars and he can then confidently proceed to the next question.

First attempt
Question (1): Jane has 6 apples, she ate 2. How many does she have left?
Answer: 3

Second attempt:
Question (2): Pearl brought 8 cupcakes, her brother took 3. How many does she have left?
Answer: 5

“Online learning is not that hard!”

Eye Level is On-Air!

  • Meet your instructor online
  • Get real-time coaching on the booklets
  • Learning anytime, anywhere!
  • Courses Available : Math, English

How it works?

  1. Make an appointment with your Learning Centre
  2. Get your classroom access code
  3. Prepare your booklets
  4. Real-time coaching with both online & offline booklets

Please contact your nearest Eye Level Learning Centre or Whatsapp 8892 2210 for more information.

Read more: http://onair.myeyelevel.net/