Eye Level is On-Air!

School holiday has just started and parents are stressing over children. We have the solution to keep children constantly learning.

At Eye Level, we believe consistent learning is essential in building the foundation and maintaining student’s learning momentum.

Eye Level On Air, the personalized learning allows student to learn safely at home based on real-time 1-on-1 coaching with our dedicated instructors to encourage and support our students’ continuous study during this period.

WhatsApp us at 8892 2210 or find out more about Eye Level On Air at https://onair.myeyelevel.net/

SUMMIT Of Math – Mathematics Online Learning Platform

SUMMIT is a grades-aligned, online core supplement that identifies and addresses each student’s individual learning gaps. This helps teachers offer differentiated and personalized instruction. It is modeled based on the interactions between teacher and student during 1-on-1 coaching.

√ “Walk Me Through” breaks down each question step by step to further enhance students’ understanding
√ Identifying the cause of each student’s strength and weakness
√ Personalised review curriculum
√ Teachers can view the specific skills and/or concepts each student needs additional help with.
√ Numerous tries in order to further understand the skill and concept

A student tried his first attempt and made a mistake. He can retry a similar question with the same concept as the incorrect attempt will be provided. When the question is answered correctly, he will earn 3 stars and he can then confidently proceed to the next question.

First attempt
Question (1): Jane has 6 apples, she ate 2. How many does she have left?
Answer: 3

Second attempt:
Question (2): Pearl brought 8 cupcakes, her brother took 3. How many does she have left?
Answer: 5

“Online learning is not that hard!”

Eye Level is On-Air!

  • Meet your instructor online
  • Get real-time coaching on the booklets
  • Learning anytime, anywhere!
  • Courses Available : Math, English

How it works?

  1. Make an appointment with your Learning Centre
  2. Get your classroom access code
  3. Prepare your booklets
  4. Real-time coaching with both online & offline booklets

Please contact your nearest Eye Level Learning Centre or Whatsapp 8892 2210 for more information.

Read more: http://onair.myeyelevel.net/

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Eye Level focuses on building each student’s foundation in Math and English, as well as helping students gain Self Confidence, Interest in Learning, and develops a child’s Critical Thinking and Analytical skills.

Eye Level programmes are inter-related. Only through the mastery of basic foundational skills can the student then advance to more complex skills. This improves the child’s speed and accuracy when dealing with complex questions. It will also develop his Self-Directed Learning ability, independence as we as time management.

Eye Level from the perspectives of our Parents (Part 2)

This month, we share with you blogger mummy, Cherry’s experience with Eye Level Singapore 🙂

Here is an excerpt from her blog, Sweet Memoirs, on how Eye Level has developed the confidence of her boy who is currently in K2:

“I have never seen G doing some number problems before ever so confidently and enthusiastically until he started his lessons at Eye Level. Every time we come back from his lessons, he would ask me to set the timer for him while he works on his assignment to be submitted on the next session. “Please turn on the timer for me, mom. See how I can finish it very fast”, he’d proudly declare.”

Find out what else she said about Eye Level by visiting her blog, Sweet Memoirs, today!

Eye Level Training Academy (ELTA) : Maximize Your Child’s Development

“How many parents here believe that they have a complete understanding of how their child feels and behaves?”

With that, Eye Level Singapore began its very first run of our Eye Level Training Academy (ELTA) workshops, specifically tailored for parents to learn more about their children’s development. Held on 19th May 2017 at 7:30pm in TKP Conference Hall, the theme for our first workshop was entitled, “Maximize Your Child’s Development”.

Before the workshop, comprehensive notes were placed on the desks for our valued parents.

Eye Level parents were greeted by Mr Sheng Weilun, who has had 7 years of experience in the Children Enrichment Industry.

During the first half of our workshop, Mr Sheng introduced our parents to the understanding of their own children through basic developmental theories, and coached them on how to apply those theories in the real world.

Halfway through the session, parents were given a break to enjoy the sumptuous dinner and had the opportunity to network with the fellow Eye Level Parents to share personal insights and experiences of their own. Some of the parents also had the chance to speak to Mr Sheng, and other HQ Staff.

In the second half of the workshop, Mr Sheng went through tips on how to develop and cultivate self-directed learning habits – A Ministry of Education (MOE) 21st Century Competency for all school-going children.

Towards the end of the workshop, Mr Sheng held a discussion with parents, on how parents and teachers should work together to maximise the development of their children. Various exercises were also incorporated into the workshop, to allow parents to put in practice what they’ve learnt immediately. These activities challenged the parents to brainstorm and reflect on various aspects of their children’s development.

The success of this event is accentuated by the feedback we have received. 100% of the parents who attended agreed that the content presented was relevant to their role as parents, and that Mr Sheng was very helpful in bringing across pointers linked to their own children’s development. On top of that, majority said that they would be very willing to attend future ELTA parenting workshops.

Mr Seetar Krishnan, Eye Level @ City Square Mall Parent

Eye Level Singapore holds the ELTA parenting workshops on a monthly basis. You may visit our website (http://elta.myeyelevel.net) for our next workshop updates. We look forward to seeing you!


Eye Level Singapore wishes everyone Happy Renri

Eye Level Singapore wishes everyone Happy Renri (人日)!!

Renri (Chinese:人日, literally Human Day) refers specially to the 7th day of zhengyue (正月, the first month in the Chinese calendar). According to Chinese customs, renri was the day human beings were created. It is celebrated not only in China, but also other regions influenced by Chinese culture.

Nowadays in zhengyue, renri is celebrated as part of the Chinese New Year. Chinese people prepare lucky food in the new year, where “Seven-vegetable soup” (七菜羹), “Seven-vegetable congee” (七菜粥) and “Jidi congee” (及第粥) are specially prepared for renri. The Malaysian and Singaporean Chinese use “Seven-colour sliced fish” (七彩魚生) instead of “Seven-vegetable soup”.